BROADCASTER Jeremy Vine has said his upcoming current affairs show on Channel 5 will be better than the BBC’s topical debate programme Question Time.

The presenter’s self-titled programme is set to replace The Wright Stuff in the broadcaster’s daytime schedule.

In order to continue hosting his weekday phone-in show on BBC Radio 2 Vine will pre-record the opening newspaper review section of the show and will take viewers’ calls live from the Channel 5 studios.

Explaining his decision to do the new show, Vine told the Press Association: “I think that you look at Channel 5, the fact that it’s coming right on to the crest of the wave at the moment, and it is the place to be for someone like me, wanting to do a TV show. I think this is a better show than Question Time.

“It’s on more hours in the week. It’s got more traffic coming through it. It’s ferociously modern. It involves the viewer in a different way. And it’s fun.

“So I think it’s brilliant. For me, it’s just because it’s a great show. I love the BBC and I’ve so many sympathies for it, but it’s been through a wretched old time.”

The new show Jeremy Vine will launch next Monday at 9.15am.