AN Addingham ‘off-cumden’ has produced a book which captures the magic of the village through the lives of its residents.

In the summer of 2017 Bradford-born Nick Hodgson set out to photograph 100 people and for each one discover a story about Addingham, the village he has called home since 2001.

The result is the book Cumdens and Off Cumdens which will be launched at an event at Addingham Scout Hut on Saturday, September 8, when villagers will be able to look at the stories and photos enlarged and posted on the walls.

The keen photographer said: “I wasn’t looking for earth shattering scandal or intrigue, just something that paints a picture of how people feel about or remember this place. And that’s the best way to describe it – in the words and feelings of the people that live or have lived here. The brief was simple, ‘tell me something to do with Addingham’.

“So this book is a snapshot in time - the Addingham of 2018 reflected in the eyes and minds of us locals - some reflections from the past, others more recent. I hope that if someone revisits this in 2118 the sentiments will be just the same.

"It’s not perfect but it's pretty close. You won’t find “Cumden” in the dictionary – I think it means someone born in Addingham. An Off-Cumden originated somewhere else and settled here. It makes for a intriguing book title – but we are all welcomed here.”

It was a lovely late-summer’s evening walk in the village that was the inspiration for the book. Nick said: “It made me think – how do I capture this magic which runs through our lovely village? And the answer is through its best asset – the people who live here.”

At first he worried whether he could persuade 100 people to take part.

“I started by asking a few friends, and then asked each of them to ask one or two others and so the project grew. Some people said ‘I don’t know any stories …’ but we all do and often all it needed was a cup of tea - sometimes a pint - to get started.

"In fact once the memories and thoughts started flowing I could have compiled 100 books. For me this is what made this such an enjoyable project to take on. People are so interesting in all their wonderful, quirky and varied ways - put them together in such an amazing setting as ‘Dingham and the end-result is a wonderful place to live.”

Nick is dedicating the book to Paul Gaunt and Bill Fletcher - both well known and loved residents of Addingham who died just before this book was completed. Their photos and stories are included at the request and consent of their families.

Nick said: “The launch event is at the Addingham Scout Hut on September 8th. There’ll be a speech or two at midday then a chance to look at the stories and photos enlarged and posted on the walls."