YORKSHIRE Water has launched an investigation to find the source of pollution that has turned Bradford Beck black – amid outrage from the public and a local ecology group.

Pictures seen by the T&A show part of the Beck, where it comes out from under the city near Ambler Mill opposite Forster Square Retail Park, all the way to Shipley, blackened.

Further footage shows how later yesterday afternoon the bed of the Beck turned green, with the main body still a dark shade.

Barney Lerner, of the Friends of Bradford’s Becks, said: “The pollution starts all along from Ambler Mill all the way to Shipley. We know it starts somewhere under the city centre, because the section of the Beck at Thornton Road is clear.”

Mr Lerner said: “The water is polluted by the time it comes out downstream. There’s a lot of sewers in the area under the city. I’m assuming one of the sewage outfalls has been discharging incorrectly into the Beck.”

A post by the ‘Urban Pollution Hunter’ on Facebook, on Tuesday, showed the impact of the pollution. It said: “Spot the difference? Bradford Beck today, one picture as it disappears beneath Bradford and the other when it emerges again - full of sewage. Out of sight, out of mind.”

Footage from last week shows several dead fish in a similar area of the Beck.

The Annual Report by Friends of Bradford Beck in April said “frequent curry pollution” had been an issue over the past year. The curry had been entering the water system from a food preparation facility, leading to discoloured, smelly water along stretches of the Beck.

But, the group convinced Yorkshire Water to review the capacity of Bradford’s sewers in its next investment period (2020-2025), subject to approval, with old sewage routes often being the issue rather than malicious intent.

The Environment Agency was called by the public about the pollution in Bradford Beck but inspectors found no evidence of any on-going problem.

A spokesperson said: “The water was nothing like the picture when we investigated. The water was running clear, so we are led to believe that whatever caused this is short lived, but that’s not to say it’s not serious and if anything similar occurs we do want contacting.

“We will continue to monitor the situation and urge anyone who suspects pollution to call our incident hotline on 0800 807060.”

A Yorkshire Water spokesperson said last night: “We are urgently investigating the source of pollution that has affected Bradford Beck downstream of the city centre. Our sewer network and associated assets in the area are currently being thoroughly checked including dye-tested to help us locate the source of pollution.

“We are also working closely with the Environment Agency and have been in touch with Friends of Bradford’s Becks to keep them updated. Further investigations are planned this evening and tomorrow.”