FOUR sleepy men who were arrested on Sunday on suspicion of burglary arose suspicions because of steamy windows in a stolen car.

The men were found asleep "on the job" in a stolen blue Volkswagen Golf on a street in Cullingworth, after police received reports from a local in the early hours of Sunday.

Windows on the car were described as being "steamed up" and the number plate didn't look correct.

A spokesperson for police said: "As officers were on route it was clear that things were getting more suspicious."

On arriving at the scene of the car parked up on Greenside Lane, Cullingworth, police established it had been stolen from a house burglarly in Baildon overnight and there were four occupants inside.

The car was boxed in before officers woke the four men from their slumber to arrest them ready for a night in a cell.

They were arrested on suspicion of burglary as well as for other matters that are still under investigation.

The Golf was recovered and will be returned to the owner as soon as possible.

Police said: "It is very unusual to fall asleep in a stolen car in public view. But it is not unusual for Neighbourhood Watch members to see suspicious activity and ring it in promptly to the Police."