BRADFORD has come in bottom place in a recent YouGov poll into the nation's favourite cities.

Less than a quarter of people surveyed - 23 per cent - said they liked Bradford, putting the city bottom of the list, behind Wolverhampton (24 per cent), Sunderland (30 per cent) and Wakefield (32 per cent).

The nation's favourite city was found to be York, with 92 per cent of people saying they liked the city. Bath ranked in second place, with 89 per cent of people saying they like it, followed by Edinburgh with 88 per cent.

Leeds ranked in 40th place out of 57, with 58 per cent of people saying they liked our neighbouring city. Elsewhere in Yorkshire, Sheffield (53 per cent) placed 44th, Hull (37 per cent) came 52nd, and Ripon (71 per cent) came 26th.

Across the Pennines, Manchester came just after Ripon in 27th, with 69 per cent of people saying they like the city, and our nation's capital came 22nd, with 73 per cent of people saying they like the Big Smoke.

The list has been compiled from the YouGov profiles of more than 55,000 people.

YouGov also found 75 per cent of people like West Yorkshire, making it the 12th most popular county in the UK.

This trailed behind fourth-placed North Yorkshire, which 87 per cent of people said they liked, but was ahead of the East Riding (71 per cent), South Yorkshire (66 per cent), and the old enemy Lancashire (70 per cent).

The most popular counties were found to be Dorset, Devon (both 92 per cent) and Cornwall (91 per cent).