A new bar with a unique twist will open for business on Friday this week.

Buskers Bar, in Shipley, will be the first of its kind in the country, so claims owner Darren Stanley, who will have pumped in £76,000 by the time it launches.

It will be one of ten eventual bars spread across the north, with the aim to give buskers the chance for stardom, as well as providing a different entertainment offering to the usual bar experience in the district.

Mr Stanley is vastly experienced across the industry, including 30 years working for one of the largest independent drinks wholesalers in the country and 20 years in events management.

He said: “If we can’t make something work in this industry, then we need shooting. We’re buying at Wetherspoon prices so we can compete - we have all sorts of plans.”

The bar itself will play host to a number of events including themed nights, quiz nights, open mic nights and the all-important night where buskers will take to the stage to perform to small, intimate crowds.

The main premise is that a committee will be set up for each bar and it will run a Britain’s Got Talent-style selection process.

Any budding busker will have to send a video to members of the committee, who will judge the artist and subsequently give them a chance to perform at one of the bars. Anyone who impresses may be in line for a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Mr Stanley said: “If they’re really good then they could get a record contract. [Simon Cowell's] Syco Records are involved with the project.”

He added: “We want them to make millions, another Ed Sheeran and we can say we took them down the road. We want to make stars.”

He’s also hoping star, Sinitta, will be part of the judging panel but he is awaiting a response.

Entries to perform at the bars will roll around every eight weeks.

Mr Stanley said: “Anyone and everyone is welcome. We’re looking for 18 to 100-year-olds. If they can play an instrument, bring them in!”

While busking talent is the main focus for entertainment, Mr Stanley is passionate about bringing a lively and unique music venue to the city.

He said: “If there was an award for front of house, I’d need to be nominated. I’ve always loved it.”

The Shipley Buskers Bar is the first in what is to be a network of Buskers Bars that will run in exactly the same way in locations such as Leeds and Manchester.

Punters are welcome to turn up from 12pm onwards this Friday at 52 Saltaire Road to take in something entirely different.