THE second part of a documentary presented by Bradford’s Anita Rani on the Bollywood film industry is being shown tomorrow night.

The programme, Bollywood: The World’s Biggest Film Industry, sees Ms Rani travel to India to learn more about Bollywood and its widespread appeal.

Growing up in Heaton and Odsal watching Bollywood films, Ms Rani has returned to her hometown for the screening, which reveals the extraordinary stories and secrets behind the industry.

The first part of the documentary was shown on Monday, August 13, and in it Ms Rani discovered how Bollywood’s epic dance routines and stunts are choreographed and performed, met some of Bollywood’s biggest stars, and experienced a cinema trip like no other to see one of the films.

The second episode is being shown on BBC2 at 9pm on Monday, but last week she came back to Bradford to host a special screening for lucky ticket holders in the Pictureville Cinema at the National Science and Media Museum.

After the screening, Ms Rani talked about her experiences on the trip, meeting her idols, and how the industry is adapting to keep up with the tastes of the Indian population.

She said: “It was incredible. I have always wanted to make this programme and it felt like now was the right time.

“Being on set watching 500 extras have a battle sequence at two o’clock in the morning on the set of a historic period drama was quite surreal.

“I think Bollywood has always been important for British Asian people and always will be. When people came here they brought their cultural identity, the food and the language, and also their art and culture. Not just the films, but the music, that is really important for British Asians.”

In the audience for the screening was a whole mix of ages, genders and races, something Ms Rani said was a picture of “the Bradford I grew up in”.

“This is what I know Bradford to be, lots of people from different communities, I used to come here to the museum and to the Pictureville Cinema all the time as a child.

“Bradford made me, I am a product of this city, these are streets I used to stomp around in. If it wasn’t for this city I wouldn’t be who I am, I am proud to be from Bradford.

“Everywhere I go I tell people where I’m from, even in the show I tell someone I’m from Bradford.”