A DECISION on controversial plans to build 116 houses in Bierley will be made next week.

The housing plans for Lockwood Farm on Spen View Lane have been recommended for approval by Bradford Council planning officers, despite attracting over 140 objections from residents of the area and the local MP.

Objectors claim the houses would “ruin the character” of the local area, will lead to crime rates increasing and cause traffic congestion. And one has even questioned whether the Brexit vote will now mean the houses are not needed.

The application has been submitted by John and Norma Brooksbank/ Driver Blackshaw Holdings and Mrs N. Driver, and will go before the Council’s Regulatory and Appeals Committee on Wednesday.

Members will be told that the land is a “safeguarded site” which means the council has designated it for “longer term development for housing or employment purposes.”

The application is for four one bed properties, 22 two bed homes, 47 three-bed houses and 40 four bed properties. Of the homes, 20 per cent will be classed as affordable housing.

A report by planning officers that will be presented to the committee lists many of the objections, which range from concerns over air pollution to claims that the materials being used are likely to gather moss.

Bradford South MP Judith Cummins is one of the objectors. In a letter to the Council she said; “I agree with the view that this development would put excessive demand on local amenities - not least education, health and social provision. These services are already under considerable strain.

“This is an intense development that would impact significantly on local services.”

One objector said: “There are a lot of elderly people round here who should not have to go through this.” In response, the report says; “Unfortunately the age of the surrounding population is not a material planning consideration.”

Another describes the planned houses as “Useless, and a waste of time.”

And another questions Bradford Council’s claims that 42,000 houses are needed between now and 2030, adding: “The recent Brexit decision has made the estimates on immigration null and void, so these should be discarded.”

There were five letters in support of the plans, with one saying “A lot of the objectors houses were once built on green fields.”

Council officers admit that the houses will have an impact on the nearby highways network, and so conditions of the development will include road improvements such as road widening schemes on Spen View Lane and Shetcliffe Lane, and speed cushions, road humps, new road signs and a pedestrian island on Shetcliffe Lane.

If approved, one of the conditions of the development will be that each house is built with an electric vehicle charging point.

The committee meets in City Hall at 10am on Wednesday.