A BRADFORD pet shop owner has issued an appeal following a spate of snakes being dumped in the district.

Umar Asghar, of All Pets and the Bradford Birdman, Harrogate Road, has spoken out after three snakes were found roaming free in Thackley in less than a week.

His message now is: "Bring them to us - we can give them proper care and can get them proper homes."

Mr Asghar said he understand's people's circumstances can change, but this should not mean that the welfare of any animal is forgotten about. 

Of the recent snake sightings, Mr Asghar said people don't realise they can get bigger and then find they don't have the suitable set up.

He said: "No matter what animal, if you can no longer care for it, bring it to us." 

All three snakes, two found last week and another on Monday, were discovered on Ainsbury Avenue. 

The last snake, thought to be a python, is now at Predators Exotic Pets in Shiply along with the other two.