IT is a piece of the past a Bradford family are keen to share.

Back in 1968 Geoffrey Senior accompanied his father Frank, an amateur film maker, in the family's Jowett Javelin to film footage of an annual Jowett rally.

Built in Bradford, many have fond memories of the classic marque which Geoffrey's family were introduced to in the1950s after his father bought a Jowett Javelin. "The car was in excellent condition. It was 10 years old when he bought it and it was in good condition but it got better over the years.

"My father was known at work and in the neighbourhood for the Jowett. Certainly when you went out in it he got compliments for its condition.

"He bought it in 58/59 and got rid of it in the mid Seventies. During that time he was a member of the Jowett car club. They used to have an annual get together with Jowetts from all over the world," recalls Geoffrey.

"Coincidentally, he got into cine photography, he was a member of the Bradford Cine Club, he edited sounds and put sound to it and he did two relevant films in 1968 - the Jowett rally in Harrogate, held on the west Stray."

The 15 to 20 minute film captured on 5/6 rolls of Kodak Super 8 film and with audio commentary features the cars, including some of the earliest Jupiters, arriving on the Stray.

"The whole spectrum of what they (Jowett) produced was on display," says Geoffrey.

The film has since been transferred on to DVD and now Geoffrey is keen for others to see it along with some other fascinating footage his father took travelling from the family home in Shipley to Bridlington in his Jowett on a Sunday outing on roads that were narrower and quieter and passing a contrasting rural landscape to the changing scenes prompted through the progression of development and transportation.

Geoffrey, who recently re-traced the same journey for the first time in 50 years, explains one of the significant changes he noticed was where the A166 meets the A1079 junction.

"This used to be a little V junction with a pub in the corner - now it is a six exit roundabout covering half a square mile," explains Geoffrey, who was inspired to share the footage after reading in the Telegraph & Argus about the annual Bradford Classic car show which took place in City Park, Bradford, on Saturday.

"I recognise the historic importance of it. There are a lot of stock photographs of Jowetts and there are TV programmes with recent films and video but back in '68 video didn't exist in the way it did 10 years later and cine film."

Geoffrey explains how it was shot in three minute links but didn't match the optical quality or high definition available today.

While Frank and his fellow amateur film makers may not have had the technology we have today at our fingertips on mobile phones and other gadgets, capturing such events is helping to preserve the past and giving future generations an insight into how life, landscapes and transportation have changed through time.