BRADFORDIANS were in the groove yesterday afternoon to mark the build-up to a water-based extravaganza that will take place over a weekend in September.

The Bradford Bubble Up, organised by The Brick Box, is a celebration of the city’s heritage and relationship with water and will see an extensive programme of activities take place between September 7-9.

Yesterday, the public were invited to learn and rehearse the “Phase Change” dance in Bradford’s Mirror Pool.

I, did just that.

Tentatively at first, at the sight of fluid movements my body and mind struggled to comprehend, but eventually I poured myself into learning the moves and simply enjoying my time imitating water fountains, rainfall and punching the air - just as everyone around me did.

Before long, I couldn’t stop my feet tapping to the sound of David Bowie’s “Changes” rushing from the speakers.

Professional Choreographer, Gary Clarke, was commissioned by organisers, The Brick Box, to showcase Bradford’s relationship with water.

He said: “Obviously there’s the Beck - Bradford has a long history with water. It was a research process. I looked at the archives here to find out more and think it’s amazing.”

The reason for the title “Phase Change” is that he felt Bradford highlighted the multiple forms of water across its history.

He said the water represents the Beck, the ice when the city has been flooded by snow in the past, and steam symbolising Bradford’s rich industrial heritage. He added: “A lot of [the dance] shows the idea of solid forces coming together, the literal movement of water, fountains being projected upwards and spouting out the ground.”

Mr Clarke also spoke of his admiration for Bradford’s Mirror Pool, which is a big focus point of the Bubble Up.

It is here - on a circular stage around the main fountain - where the official dancers will come together during the weekend of the Bubble Up to perform the dance, welcoming members of the public to join in from the edge of the pool.

Eleanor Barrett, Director at The Brick Box said: “It’s been lovely. There was a real mix of people and it all feels really Bradfordy.