A recently introduced one-way system at the bottom of Keighley's Highfield Lane has come under fire from a councillor.

Keighley town councillor Fulzar Ahmed, who is also this year's town mayor, said local people had complained to him about the restriction since it was brought in by Bradford Council as part of a wider package of measures to ease congestion in the town centre.

The one-way system, which applies to Albert Street, means people driving down Albert Street from the direction of Highfield Lane can no longer continue straight on into North Street.

Cllr Ahmed said stopping motorists from entering North Street at this junction had simply shifted the congestion to other locations instead.

Bradford Council has said it will carry out another traffic survey and will be reviewing the situation at the North Street/Albert Street junction.

Cllr Ahmed said: "It's a major issue which I've had a number of complaints about. No one is happy. This is having a big impact on the town, and is something I'm very concerned about as mayor.

"Many people who, for example, might only want to come down from Highfield, get across North Street and into Alice Street, are being diverted.

"I now normally have to go via West Lane, then drive back up North Street, so you can see how this is just pushing traffic elsewhere. I don't understand why they've brought the changes in.

"It must be looked at again as a priority, and we need to know what Bradford Council's Highways department is doing about it."

A Bradford Council spokesman responded: “Before making these changes we undertook traffic surveys which showed that those travelling on North Street towards Skipton were stopping to let out traffic turning left from Albert Street.

"This was causing increased congestion to build up at the junction of North Street and Cavendish Street.

"To help alleviate this, the short length of Albert Street was changed to be one-way so that those entering North Street would only be able to do so on roads away from the Cavendish Street junction.

“These proposals were part of the plans that were consulted on with the public and details were sent to all councillors, the emergency services and bus companies and no objections to this part of the scheme were received.

“We’re aware of the concerns raised and we will be conducting a further traffic survey and all road markings, signs and the overall operation of the junction will be reviewed.

"Any changes would be subject to approval by the Keighley Area Committee.”