POLICE held a press conference this morning in a renewed appeal for missing girl, Mary Vunana, to come forward. 

Miss Vunana, who turned 15 today, has been missing for 11 days and Detective Inspector Richard McNamara called the press conference at 11am yesterday morning as concerns are growing for her welfare.

DI McNamara, of the Bradford District Safeguarding Unit, said:"Mary, who poignantly turns 15 years of age today, has been missing now since the 27th of July when she was reported missing from her home address by her parents."

Police believe Miss Vunana, a black female who is 5ft 4ins tall and of medium build, to be wearing a distinctive, shoulder length red wig at this present moment, but her normal hair colour is black.

DI McNamara said: "Officers have been making extensive enquiries around the clock to try and locate Mary.

"Police and Mary's family are very concerned about her welfare and are urging anyone who may have information about Mary's whereabouts to come forward."

There have been three sightings since Miss Vunana was reported as missing, with the latest coming yesterday morning at around midnight which officers were working to follow up.

DI McNamara said with this being live-time he couldn't provide much more on the latest lead.

He added: "But, I can say that we've got information in our possession at this current time that is positive that indicates that she is safe and well."

The other two confirmed sightings came in Bradford City Centre on July 30 and August 3 at around 10:40am, where she was described to be wearing a light grey t-shirt with a D&G logo on, a grey skirt, black socks and slider type shoes. 

But, police are not aware as to how she is supporting herself as she is not believed to be carrying any money or any other financial means such as bankcards.

DI McNamara said: "We haven't had any reports as to where she currently is, where she's been living, how she's been obtaining food and drink and we haven't had any indication that she's made contact with her friends or family at this time.

"We don't have a current phone for her at this time. She's a vulnerable young girl, she's out there in the community."

He added: "We've got designated officers working across the district and indeed across the force looking for Mary actively. We're looking at all known associates, friends and family that she has, and locations that she's visited in the past, address that she is known to frequent and also locations.

"She is known to frequent the city centre, so I would urge members of the public that may be about their normal business just to keep an eye out please and report any sightings or suspicious activity that may occur."

Police have also received information that Miss Vunana is known to visit the Barker End Road area of Bradford, as well as the Great Horton Road area, particularly around the university.

Miss Vunana has been missing already this year but DI McNamara didn't want to focus on that.

He said: "She has been missing before, I don't want to get drawn into providing specifics about where she's been in the past for obvious reasons. This is a live-time investigation and my main focus and concern is on her safety, which is absolutely paramount at this time."

DI McNamara also wished to urge Mary to come forward.

He said: "Really, the focus Mary is just on you today. We just need to make sure you're safe and well and please come forward and offer us some sort of sign that you are ok. You're not in any trouble in any way or anything like that, we just need to make sure that you're safe and well."

Officers are continuing enquiries to locate her and anyone who can assist is asked to contact police on 101, quoting log 227 of 30 July.

You can also use the Live Chat facility on the West Yorkshire Police website.