A bar and restaurant is negotiating with Bradford Council after complaints about the size of its street cafe.

Outraged residents said elderly pedestrians and parents with buggies have struggled to get past the increased amount of furniture on the pavement outside Banyan on Brook Street, Ilkley.

They warned that the extra tables and chairs had forced pedestrians into a busy section of road causing a safety hazard.

Ilkley councillor Anne Hawkesworth has reported the bar to the enforcement section of Bradford Council after receiving “oodles and oodles” of complaints from the public.

She said Banyan had now been told to reduce the amount of pavement space used for its furniture and planters. She said: “The planters are lovely but they take up so much room. I love street cafes but I just think this is a step too far.

“I expect the space to be reduced significantly pending negotiations.”

One Ilkley resident, Cherry Dixon, said: “I was shopping in Ilkley on Monday when I saw some elderly pedestrians having difficulties getting past the increased amount of furniture Banyan has put on the pavement outside its bar. A number of people were having to walk into the road because of two large planters placed across the pavement at the junction with Railway Road. This is next to the taxi rank, where the cars often move off without warning, closely hugging the kerb. I went into the bar to tell the manager what I had seen and was joined by two other pedestrians, one saying that she had just tripped up because of the limited space.”

She added: “Whilst it is lovely being able to sit outside cafes and restaurants in the sunny weather, this should not be at the expense of pedestrians.”

Ms Dixon has also complained to Arc Inspirations, the company which owns the Banyan bars.

Arc property and development director Nik Lowry said: “Following customer demand, we’ve worked closely with the local council to create a seating area for customers outside our site in Ilkley and continue to be in dialogue with them to resolve any issues.

“As a business, we successfully operate similar external areas outside our bars in Leeds, Harrogate, York and Manchester and are keen to continue to do so at this site, especially given the outstanding weather we’ve been enjoying this summer.”