A CHARITY event for Harley Davidson fans could return next year if a committee is set up to organise road closures and marshals.

The ride out part of the Shipley Harley Rally, on August 26, was cancelled this week over health and safety concerns for riders and the public.

Hundreds of people often gather in Baildon Village to see the bikers, but as the popularity of the event has grown, so to has the need for it to be policed properly.

Organiser Mick Moran, of the Wrecking Crew Harley Davidson Club, said if the community works together, he is confident the ride out will return next year.

He said: "From what I was told last year, people flooded the roads like in the Tour de France and people and kids were everywhere when the bikes set off.

"It has grown to such a size that we now have to sort it out professionally.

"We have always closed the road ourselves and were told it has to be done properly, which is right.

"We need to find a way to close the roads properly and find people that can marshal.

"We are talking about having 40 to 50 people to marshal it and we have neither the money or resources for that.

"We talked about it long and hard. We took a few risks last year, but we can't take those risks again."

Mr Moran says businesses have already contacted him to find out if there is anything they can do to keep the event going, and he is eager to work with them to reinvigorate the event.

He added: "I'm sure that if there were enough people involved in the committee we could run it next year.

"People have already said on social media that if I contacted them they could have done something.

"Some of the businesses will lose thousands of pounds if they don't come to the village.

"Next year the plan should be to get everyone together and making it a community event."

Bradford Council has already contacted the organisers and have backed the idea of getting all parties together to help organise a ride out for 2019.

A statement released by the council on Tuesday said: "We heard about the cancellation like everyone else when the organisers put the news on Facebook at the weekend.

"We are contacting the organisers to see what support we can offer.

"However, it would be good if in readiness for next year businesses, residents and councillors can all get together to give the volunteers the help they need to bring the ride out back in town and we are happy to facilitate this."

A rally held on the same weekend for the bikers who often take part in the event, including a Poker Run and Custom Bike Show, will still go ahead as planned.