TODAY marks a special date in the calendar which will see people from across the region celebrate all that is great about God’s Own Country.

Every day should be Yorkshire Day, but August 1 is the official date for people to rejoice at the wonders of the county, and there are a number of events and initiatives being run in Bradford and the wider region.

The Welcome to Yorkshire team are introducing two new, temporary, roadsigns on the Yorkshire border let people know they’re officially arriving in a land of pure joy.

The signs, which will be situated near the M1 and M62, will welcome people coming into Yorkshire from the South and the West with the message: “Welcome to Yorkshire - You’re in God’s Own County #YorkshireDay”.

Sir Gary Verity, of Welcome to Yorkshire, said: “We often receive letters from the public asking why we have no ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’ signs as people enter our great county and Yorkshire Day is the perfect opportunity to change this.

“Wouldn’t it be brilliant to see them on roads all around the county permanently.”

Some believe the day should be recognised nationally.

A poll by the T&A last year showed the public believe the whole country should come to a celebratory communal standstill in respect for our great region with the introduction of a bank holiday on the day.

Nearly 75 per cent voted in favour of a day off, but the reality is that most Yorkies - a plural term for someone belonging to Yorkshire - will have to spend the day at their workplace, drinking copious amounts of hot drinks - as long as it’s Yorkshire Tea.

If you’re feeling adventurous then get down to The Exchange Ale House, Market Street, on your lunch-break, or for a post-work pint, but make sure you bring your flat cap, as any punters wearing one of Yorkshire’s finest and most well known accessories will get a discount on Bradford Brewery beers.

But of course, what would Yorkshire Day be without a celebration of one of the region’s most famous puffy exports.

At Bolling Hall, Bradford, visitors will be able to try their hand at Yorkshire Pudding tossing, with prizes available for the child who can throw their pudding the furthest. A similar competition will take place at the White Rose Shopping Centre.

In the lead up to today, communications provider Plusnet, has set up its own online Yorkshire Embassy where the public were able to become official Yorkshire citizens if they passed a 10-question test.

One puzzler included explaining what “t’werk” means in Yorkshire, away from the world of Miley Cyrus.

A thousand physical limited edition passports were sent out to all those who passed the “citizenship test” in the first 48 hours.