THE BBC’s Antiques Roadshow and other popular programmes have opened our eyes to the potential worth of our keepsakes.

Over the years those who are keen to get rid of their clutter could literally be counting the costs having potentially thrown away a fortune disposing of memorabilia they perhaps thought wasn’t worth keeping.

We’ve seen the programmes where purchases made for a few pence at car boot sales years ago are now worth twice, even three times, the original value making us far more conscious of the potential cash we could have tucked away in the sentimental stuff we store in our attics.

Such finds have prompted people to get their items valued, or at least checked, before making the decision to let them go.

The thrill and excitement of discovering a valuable find can also spark an interest in developing a skill and a technique for collecting.

Having that knack of knowing what to buy and what things are worth is essential if you are considering pursuing it as a pastime or a potential profession.

For those who are keen to know what things are worth then Miller’s Collectables Handbook and Price Guide is the perfect place to start.

This interesting tome is packed with information and is the ideal companion for those with an interest in antiques,

Compiled by antiques expert, Judith Miller, the latest guide for 2019-2020 brings readers up-to-date with the collectables market whether buying or selling.

Since she began collecting as a student at Edinburgh University, Scotland during the Sixties, Judith has honed her skills and expertise through international research and is now one of the world’s leading experts.

In 1979 she co-founded the international best-seller, Miller’s Antiques Price Guide, and has written more than 100 books including Mid-Century modern design which explores the most desirable furniture, ceramics, glass, metalware, interiors and textiles from the late 1940s to the early 1970s.

As well as writing, Judith is a familiar face on TV. She is an expert on the BBC ‘s Antiques Roadshow and has co-hosted the popular BBC series The House Detectives, ITV’s Antiques Trail, and Discovery’s It’s Your Bid. She has also appeared on The Martha Stewart Show and CNN.

Judith’s latest guide features more than 4,000 objects in full colour. It includes a detailed description and current price range as well as an insight into how to spot rare and valuable objects.

There are connections to Yorkshire too including Burmantofts Faience Pottery from Leeds; Studio potter Joanna Constantindis, from York; Studio glass artist, Peter Layton, from Yorkshire as well as pieces from York in silver and sewing; some sporting and military pieces from the county and a teddy elephant which previously belonged to relations of the Ingilby baronets of Ripley Castle, North Yorkshire.

Readers will find the images change for every edition to reflect the collecting and buying trends.

Sections are laid out comprehensively to cover advertising, books, ceramics, glass, metalware, pens and writing equipment along with plastics, Bakelite, posters, rock and pop, sporting memorabilia, teddy bears, toys and games and vintage fashion.

In-depth features explaining how to value and become an expert along with biographies of designers and factories provide essential background information to help date and value objects.

An interesting and informative read, and perfect for those who are interested in collecting.

Miller’s Collectables Handbook by Judith Miller is priced at £24.99. It is available in all good bookstores and online at

Sally Clifford