One of the UK’s most memorable number one hits has been re-worked and released to mark the 50th anniversary of it topping the charts.

Recorded by the band Love Affair, which had a string of top ten hits and a huge global following in the 1960s and early 1970s, the song Everlasting Love reached the top spot in the UK charts in 1968, remaining there for six weeks and in the top 20 for 13 weeks. It later featured in the Bridget Jones films.

Bass player Michael Jackson is now a member of Bingley-based band 69, which is developing its own fan base after a number of successful gigs.

After decades running his own automotive businesses, Michael returned to the music industry, forming the band 69 with Bingley-based guitarist and music producer Dave Johnson, and drummer Alastair Harnby.

Since its formation the band has released albums including ’69 Live in Concert - Made in Keighley’, a live recording of a gig performed this year at Keighley Exchange Arts Centre.

And now the band has recorded its own version of Everlasting Love.

Says Michael: “It was always a possibility that Love Affair would get back together - we are all still around, after all. Mo (Maurice Bacon) the drummer and I have worked together on some projects and we have also worked with Morgan (Fisher) who played keyboard. Steve (Ellis) is also very much involved in the music business. But we have not come together with all the band members.

“There is no more appropriate time for 69 to release Everlasting Love than its 50th anniversary. At just about every gig that 69 play the audience has requested the song. We have not played it as we did not think we could do better than Love Affair, in that style.

“We needed to rearrange it to a heavier rock style. Dave and I did 13 different arrangements over a six month period. It got heavier and heavier and then we had a gut feeling that we had it right.”

He adds: “The result is unmistakably the same great song with similar iconic riffs, but we’ve given it a completely new identity which will appeal to modern fans.”

The video for the single is available to watch on YouTube, and features Michael’s son Ben on drums.

Michael started his musical career as a teenager when he left art school to become a member of a band which had been offered a summer season at Butlin’s. From there he ended up in London, auditioned for Love Affair and found himself performing in front of thousands of screaming fans every night.

“They were crazy days,” he recalled. “We were all so young. The money was great though it is nothing like the amount today’s successful bands are getting. It was also really hard work.”

Mick and the group played regularly at the iconic Marquee Club in London, made scores of appearances on Top of the Pops and mixed with pop and rock royalty.

Their faces adorned teenage girls’ walls across the world and hit the headlines after a publicity stunt which saw the band arrested for climbing Eros in London’s Piccadilly Circus.

After Leaving Love Affair, Mick, now ironically aged 69, quit the music business, moved back to his home town of Bradford with his childhood sweetheart Patricia and started a new life in the motor industry.

Everlasting Love by 69 is available on iTunes and all major music sites.