RAIL bosses will attend a meeting to discuss the recent severe disruptions to services in West Yorkshire.

Representatives from Network Rail and Northern Rail will be attending the meeting of West Yorkshire Combined Authority, taking place next Thursday.

The introduction of new timetables on numerous lines in May led to huge disruptions across the country, including in the North.

Members of the Combined Authority had raised concerns about the changes at a previous meeting, and a new report into the changes, which will be discussed by the committee, says: "Incomplete planning by Network Rail especially with regard to the operation of Leeds station caused delays throughout the City Region.

"There was also overcrowding due to short formation resulting from rolling stock shortage.

"Short term action was taken introducing a reduced timetable with 'planned cancellations' on the most affected routes in the North West until end July. This led to some stabilisation of performance, however, passengers continued to experience an unreliable service."

Earlier this month members of the authority's Transport Committee received an update from David Hoggarth, Strategic Rail Director for Transport for the North, and raised serious concerns about the changes.

Members of the full authority will have the chance to grill rail bosses on the issue, especially its impact on the region, at Thursday's meeting.

The report adds: “Through its Metroline contact centre, social media channels and elected members; customers have contacted the Combined Authority to express not only their frustration with the disruption but in many cases to explain how this impacts on their lives. For many people, being regularly late for work or for childcare may have a lasting impact on their career and family life.”

The meeting will take place at Wellington House, Leeds at 11am.