THERE is a particularly poignant song among Nick Wright's repertoire.

The 61-year-old guitar teacher has been penning songs for around 15 years and, since posting his performances along with fellow musicians on YouTube, he has had thousands of views.

"Anything can interest me," says Nick, who has been inspired by subjects such as the BBC's 'Who Do You Think You Are' in which celebrities trace their family trees.

Among Nick's 30 or so songs is 'The Great War' - particularly pertinent this year due to the commemoration of the end of the First World War.

Written in 2009, the song was inspired after Nick watched the BBC 2 Time Watch programme, presented by Michael Palin, which talked about the soldiers who continued to be killed in battle around the 11 o'clock ceasefire.

Nick explains one of the featured soldiers, George Ellison, was living in Leeds at the time he was called up for service.

"He was a regular soldier and had been through a lot of conflict," explains Nick.

"He was out on patrol at 9.30am and he was shot while on patrol - an hour and a half before 11am."

According to Nick, George was the last British soldier to be killed on the final day of the conflict.

Nick explains the programme also focused on other soldiers who were killed during this period - a time in history when we weren't as fortunate to have the instant communication we have at our fingertips through today's technology.

He says while it was agreed for an 11am ceasefire some didn't get the message hence why some soldiers still lost their lives.

The programme made an impact on Nick who, as a songwriter, was keen to create a musical legacy. "I thought how sad is that - people were still being killed so close to the end of the First World War.

"I was moved by the story of it and I thought I would write a song."

Nick, from Birkenshaw, explains how he began with the melody then put the words to the music. "That is the easiest way of doing it," he explains.

In 2013 he posted his song which he worked on with The Writers, the other musicians who were involved, on YouTube. It has also had air play on local radio.

As well as writing 'The Great War' Nick has also written 63 - a recollection of his childhood.

Nick's musical career developed after he picked up a guitar at the age of 14.

"I saw a girl on holiday in Newquay similar age to me and she was playing Bob Dylan and folky songs and I thought that's great," recalls Nick.

"I just wanted to play so I had lessons - I didn't read music for a while I just played chords and strummed.

Nick learned to read music when he was in his early 30s and passed his examinations in the process.

"I like melody and I love good lyrics. I love the emotion of that and it's nice to play with other people," he says.

As well as appreciating music, Nick is also keen to pass on his own enthusiasm and expertise to others.

"Obviously teaching people is great and it is satisfying to see people develop."

Now he's hoping people will appreciate his song during this year's Remembrance Day commemorations.

To hear 'The Great War' visit 'The Great War The Writers' on Youtube.