A HUGE snake that gained local fame after it was spotted slithering through a popular park has a “lovely persona” and shows “no signs of aggression,” its owner has revealed.

Former snake breeder Bilal Israil also revealed that the 15ft long Reticulated Python has the less than intimidating name of Ethel.

Mr Israil spoke to the Telegraph & Argus after a story about the snake being seen in Roberts Park, Saltaire, created curiosity among many.

Mr Israil said that people should give snakes a chance, even if their initial reaction is one of shock.

Photographs showing the snake, covered in yellow spots, stretched out across a grassy area in the park were shared on social media.

Mr Israil, of Riddlesden, has now revealed that he had taken his pet out for some fresh air.

  • Amazing pictures of Ethel enjoying her day out

He said: “We took her out and people were surprised to see a 15ft snake in the park.

“They were inquisitive as to what species she was, and what she ate and her temperament.

“She is very tame and timid.

“A lot of the attention snakes get is negative, but Ethel is lovely.”

He added: “It all depends on the individual snake’s persona.

“They are all different.”

Mr Israil, who has bred snakes for 12 years and took Ethel out into public for the second time, added: “I had 100 per cent faith in her.

“She shows no signs of aggression.”

Mr Israil, who no longer breeds snakes, also owns another female python.

He stressed that he would not take his pet snake out unless he was sure it would remain calm.

He added: “A few years ago I took Ethel out to Hyde Park in Leeds.

“It was during the day so there were too many people there.

“I wouldn’t take both of the snakes out at the same time, it would be overwhelming.”

Jo Pike, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Shipley, tweeted an image of the snake with the caption: “Interesting wildlife in Roberts Park this evening.”

She added: “It was huge! These chaps were looking after it and one had it around his neck at one point.

“People were taking photos of it and it seemed fairly placid. They put it back in the box and left after about an hour.”

Mr Israil, of Locked In Games in Leeds, commented he may take the snake out to another park in the near future, but that he makes sure it is at a quiet time such as in the evening.

Trevor Rose, Secretary of the British Herpetological Society said: “These snakes are frequently bred in captivity for the pet trade and are very popular amongst snake keepers.

“The large snakes are not always easy to contain except in properly constructed enclosures.”

The Reticulated python is one of the five largest species of snakes in the world.

They are the world’s longest snakes and longest reptiles, and among the three heaviest snakes.

Like all pythons, they are non-venomous constrictors who squeeze their prey.