A SPECIAL Telegraph & Argus beer brewed to celebrate our 150th anniversary has been named the “T&ALE”.

Competition winner Annette Dennison, of Great Horton, came up with the title and has already had the chance to go behind the scenes at Bradford Brewery to see the beer being brewed.

The brew is a four per cent deep golden ale and a limited run of 40, nine gallon barrels of the beverage are being produced.

It was being premiered today at the Bingley Bantams-organised Beer and Gin Festival, held at Valley Parade.

The beer will be available at more than 350 pubs across Bradford, North West England, York and Harrogate, later in the week to coincide with the anniversary.

Annette said of her winning name suggestion: “The T&ALE was just a quip, a bit of tongue in cheek. I never thought I would win but am pleased that I have.”

She added: “I tried the ale - it was tasty on a hot day.”

Nigel Burton, T&A editor, said: “We are delighted that Bradford Brewery has brewed a special limited edition beer to help us celebrate our 150th.”

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