FORMER members of Bradford and Pudsey Scooter Club, also known as the B-Boys met up recently for a 50th anniversary get together and raised almost £370 for the Macmillan Cancer Trust.

The B-Boys was formed in 1968 by Harry Imeson.

The running of the club was later taken over by Peter Hughes in 1970 and then there was another change in 1974 when Phil Bartle took the helm.

Today it is run by Simon Robinson.

Reunion organiser Mr Hughes said: "As you can imagine over 50 years the club has been in existence there have been very many members, past and present, that have maybe lost touch with each other but this night was a good night for a lot of them to meet up again.

"Indeed, from 1970 when I was in charge, there were people coming up to me and saying: "Do you remember me, Pete?", like Little Norman Clough, now a driving instructor in Rotherham, Alan Marsden who lives in Castleford or Graham North who came all the way from Tenerife to be with us on the night.

"Even from today's new crop of scooter boys under the charge of Simon Robinson a guy from the present era, called Tony Danes came all the way from New York to be with us on this great night.

"The two long haul guys, Tony and Graham, were presented with commemorative shields as a reward for travelling so far to be with us.

My wife, Elaine, and her sister, Gail, prepared the sumptuous buffet and I had two cakes made for the occasion by a local girl, Becky Casson, of Becky Casson Cakes.

"The cakes looked so good that they weren’t eaten on the night; we didn’t want to spoil them."

The night kicked off well before the DJ arrived at around 7pm and at its peak at around 9pm around 100 people were enjoying the excellent buffet and music including Tamla Motown, Reggae and SKA.

Mr Hughes added: "I must say that a fellow called Tony Simpson really turned the clock back as he danced to the Motown tunes of the seventies, out-dancing some of the younger people on the dance floor.

The evening came to a close with an auction of a special plaque made by a local joiner.

"This was a much sought after plaque and was bought for £120.

"Along with the ticket sales, a tidy sum of £369 was raised for the Macmillan Cancer Trust, with a special dedication made for Kit Granger who died recently of this terrible disease.

"A special thanks must be made to the steward, Martin, and the staff at the Buttershaw Lane Working Men's Club for the excellent service we received on a very warm and balmy night."