PLANS for a new “high quality” housing development in Eccleshill have been lodged with Bradford Council.

If approved, the proposals would see the demolition of existing industrial buildings at the Airedale Group site, off Victoria Road, to make way for 24 homes.

A design and access statement submitted with the application states: “The application detail proposes five traditional terraces, 12 semi-detached and seven detached houses.

“All the properties are of two-storey scale served via a new vehicular access and shared surfaces road.

“Off-street parking, private gardens, bin storage and vehicle charging points will be provided for each property.”

It adds: “The existing industrial buildings are currently occupied by the Airedale Group who support the proposal as a means of relocating to a new site within Bradford district to more appropriate buildings that can accommodate their existing needs as well as future expansion.

“The buildings are very much of their time and structurally challenged, principally due to the dated form of construction and consequently they are no longer a commercially viable proposition for the occupants when they are in need of considerable refurbishment and repair.”

The document says the site has been on the open market for 12 months, attracting only “limited interest” and no offers prior to the applicant taking an interest in it.

“The application proposal will deliver a high quality residential development where the proposed number of houses, the site layout and means of access are appropriate to context in keeping with the prevailing character of the Victoria Road street scene and without harm to either local or wider visual amenity,” the design and access statement states.

“The residential development of a historic unallocated employment site for much-needed local housing needs will not cause an imbalance or shortfall of either local or district-wide employment land.

“The residential development of this site will not adversely impact on the amenity of adjacent residents and there will be no demonstrable highway implications arising.”

The houses would be of a “traditional suburban style”.

The plans outline: “The design and appearance of the proposed houses are of a high quality, each sitting within attractive landscaped gardens.

“The appearance of both the built form and landscape setting will assimilate seamlessly within the local context.

“A key detail in the design and layout has been to propose a ‘home zone’ style shared surface drive from the new proposed access where traditional road and pavement width and form of construction and set aside to slow vehicular traffic and encourage pedestrian dominated movements whilst providing an attractive hard landscape setting to complement the residential scheme.”