TWO Council run parks are among possible sites for new crematoria in the district.

Bradford Council has identified both Northcliffe Park in Shipley and Littlemoor Park near Queensbury as among five possible locations that could replace two of its ageing facilities.

Both Nab Wood Crematorium and Scholemoor Crematorium are due to close in the coming years, with the Council saying they are both currently operating four years beyond their working life. Two new sites will be needed to replace them.

A major shake up of the district’s bereavement service, which is due to cost £17 million, was discussed by Bradford Council’s Executive this morning.

The third of the district’s crematoria - Oakworth, will be refurbished “at the earliest opportunity” as part of the plans.

The five possible replacement sites for Nab Wood and Scholemoor include the two parks and three privately owned plots of land, the locations of which have not been released to the public for commercial reasons.

The two sites being considered to replace Scholemoor Crematorium in the South of Bradford include Littlemoor Park and a private site.

The three sites in the Shipley/Keighley area considered to replace Nab Wood include Northcliffe Park and two private sites.

The Executive were told that the preferred option would be to open the faculties on private land, rather than in either of the parks, which are both held in charitable trusts.

Council officers say that if the parks are chosen, 20 per cent of Littlemoor Park would be needed for the crematorium, and five per cent of Northcliffe Park would be needed.

Council officer John Schofield said told the meeting: “The current crematoria are getting beyond their useful life, and are almost at the stage where they will be unrepairable.”

Council Leader Susan Hinchcliffe said: “We have a list of five sites. We will only need two of these, and our preference would be the private sites, but we need to look at all options.”

Once Nab Wood and Scholemoor shut, the sites will remain open and maintained so members of the public can continue to visit and pay their respects to loved ones.

The Executive agreed to move forward with feasibility studies for all five sites.

Councillor Vick Jenkins (Lab, Shipley) has raised concerns that Northcliffe Park has been included on the list.

She told the Telegraph & Argus: “I live near the main entrance of the Northcliffe Park and know how much the people of Shipley love, use and appreciate this beautiful park, as I do myself.

“The community holds dear the fact the park was gifted to the people of Shipley by Sir Norman Rae one hundred years ago ‘as an open space for recreation and benefit of the public forever’.

“I have already spoken with the Council Executive and senior officers and will do all I can working within the Council, to push for the needed new crematoria to be built on one of the other preferred sites.”