A VETERAN children's author and writer of the hugely popular Horrible Histories book series has shared his experience with students at a Keighley school.

Terry Deary dropped into University Academy Keighley (UAK) earlier this month (July) as part of Bradford Literature Festival.

He spoke to 113 new year seven pupils and 40 of UAK’s students from years seven to 10.

Mr Deary included an autobiographical account of his journey as an actor and famous author, explaining how he came to sell over 300 million books worldwide.

A UAK spokesman said: "Key messages included resilience and perseverance, with Mr Deary explaining that he went to over 50 publishers before his first book appeared in bookshops.

"Students were given the opportunity to ask questions and have their own personal copies of his books signed.

"Alfie Wilson, pictured, when asked about the experience said it had been ‘really cool.’!

"Luke Scott in year eight, who is an aspiring actor himself, volunteered to help the author demonstrate what it was like to test the guillotine during the French Revolution.

"Our visitor spoke about his latest book, written on the centenary of the end of the First World War.

"Later in the day Mr Deary went to our school's sponsor, University of Bradford, where he gave a second presentation for some other school children."