New parking charges will be introduced in a number of car parks, after a controversial decision by Bradford Council was upheld.

Last month, the Council's Executive approved plans to introduce evening and Sunday charges to a number of Bingley car parks, charges to park at St Ives Estate in Bingley, the removal of a 30 minutes free period in Wilsden car parks and the introduction of charge at car parks at Ilkley Lido and Shipley swimming pool, although the Council says people who use these facilities would be able to get a discount on the charge.

The decision was 'called in' by Conservative Councillor for Bingley Rural Simon Cooke, giving councillors the chance to scrutinise the plans before they went ahead.

That discussion took place at the Council's Regeneration and Environment Scrutiny Committee on Tuesday night.

It was stated that the changes would generate an added income of £13,000 a year through price increases and up to £40,000 per year from new charges. Cllr Cooke had questioned whether that took into account the fact that people may stop using those car parks because of the charges. He also questioned the cost of enforcing the new parking arrangements, and whether the charges could damage local businesses.

The committee heard that the cost of installing new ticket machines, new signage and upgrading existing ticket machines would be around £21,000.

Parking officers were asked whether the estimates were realistic, or if people would just stop using the car parks. They said that judging by charges introduced in other car parks in the district, including in the city centre, the estimates were "fairly reasonable."

Louise Williams, Bradford East Area Co-ordinator, added: "When we look at what happened when we changed charging in other car parks there wasn't that much of a change. Of the five or so car parks that saw changes last year, we had no complaints from local businesses, and the income was in line with our projections. There was no evidence those charges impacted businesses."

She said existing enforcement staff would monitor these car parks while out on their regular rounds, and new staff would not be needed.

Councillor Ralph Berry (Lab, Wibsey) said: "Cuts to the Council's funding mean we have to raise revenue somehow. It has taken us years to get round to charging at places like St Ives. At the end of the day we are having to make very difficult decisions. We don't want charges at these places, but sadly this is something we have to do."

Councillor Rebecca Whitaker (Cons, Craven), said: "This will hurt people who have less money to go to these types of place. Not everyone who goes to the Lido in Ilkley are from Ilkley, some are from outside and they will then incur an additional cost for parking. It is not particularly fair for them."

The committee voted to allow the charges to go ahead.