AN exciting plan to unite businesses in Bradford city centre through the Bradford BID was unveiled at an event at the National Science and Media Museum.

The event, which was presented by general manager of The Broadway Ian Ward, set out an ambitious plan to invest £2.5 million in the city centre over the next five years.

The Bradford Business Improvement District would see businesses give a small percentage of their rateable value into a central pot which will then be invested in four objectives – keeping the city centre clean, making it a safe place to be at any time of day or night, bringing the centre alive, and promoting the city centre to local, regional and national audiences.

One of the key points raised during a presentation on Wednesday by Mr Ward, who is also chair of the BID development group, focused on different bodies working together to promote the city centre.

He said: “What’s the point of Bradford Council having its own Christmas promotion, The Broadway having its own, and the Kirkgate having its own?

“We should be working together to have one big plan for the city centre.”


Catherine Riley, centre manager at the Kirkgate, said: “The BID is the perfect opportunity for Bradford businesses to speak using one voice to help make our city a more vibrant place.”

More than 150 business people were at the event, and Mr Ward said this showed the city’s “enthusiasm” for the BID.

He said: “The turnout shows the enthusiasm and drive in Bradford to make this happen.

“Bradford probably needed a BID five years ago, and we have had to convince 600 businesses this is the right thing to do to take Bradford forward.

“From seeing the number of people here it is a resounding ‘yes’ vote for what we are trying to do.”

The BID will now go to a vote among all the businesses which are signed up to the plan, which will open by post on September 13, and close on October 11, with a result being declared on October 12. It will proceed if there is a majority vote in favour, and the votes in favour represent a majority of the rateable value of firms signed up.