BRADFORD South MP Judith Cummins has called for a Government debate on rail funding. 

Speaking in the House of Commons today she said: “The Transport Committee’s report out today confirms that regions like Yorkshire and the Humber have not received a fair share of rail funding for years and that the formula used by the Department of Transport is unfair to Northern regions.  

She added: “Can we have a debate in Government time on what exactly the government will do to remedy this unfair situation and give regions like mine the transport system we deserve?”

Commons leader Andrea Leadsom replied: "Well what I can say to the honourable lady is that we in the Government are embarking on the biggest rail investment programme since the Victorian era, thanks to our £48 billion investment in the rail network.

"We are rebuilding stations up and down the country, improving the carbon footprint, enabling hundreds of thousands more passengers to use the network."

"The honourable lady raises a very important issue about the fairness around the different regions of that infrastructure spending," she added.

"She'll be aware that we have transport questions on July 5 and she might want to raise the specific issue directly with ministers then."