WHEN textile and visual artist YooA Kang takes out her crochet hook she creates art in motion.

Passengers in traffic brought to a standstill - albeit by the traffic control in the centre of Heckmondwike - looked on as YooA worked her wonders crocheting her way around a tree.

Described as a 'visual art performance' - YooA's 'Shoddy & Mungo' showcase profiles Heckmondwike's textile heritage dating back 150 years.

YooA explains the pretty park, in Oldfield Lane, opposite her enterprises Cafe Han and the clothing and product development business Studio YooA, was previously the site of the town's former cinema.

Through the project, which involves 'dressing' the park's 16 trees through knitting and crocheting, YooA hopes to transform the area into a vibrant social area for families and friends.

She explains the aim of the performance is to rekindle pride for the town's past, as well as foster new opportunities and hope for its future.

YooA, who has a degree in textile design and is a member of Huddersfield Textile Society, is also helping to profile British wool. She has invested thousands of pounds on the British Wool she is using and has dyed specially for the project. YooA estimates the durability of this natural and self-cleaning fibre would be around 10 years.

YooA, who hails from South Korea and now lives in Liversedge, explains how one tree christened James, the largest in the park which is believed to stand in memory of a loved one - took three days to crochet.

"I like colour, I like texture and I like wool," says YooA.

She says she has already had a positive response from members of the public who have expressed an interest after watching her at work.

'Shoddy & Mungo' the visual art performance runs until July 7 in Oldfield Lane public park, Heckmondwike.