A BLAZE at a Bradford food warehouse was the biggest call out for West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service in the past year.

On August 9 the Gordon Rhodes & Son warehouse at Eurocam Technology Park, West Bowling was engulfed by flames, leading to a huge response by firefighters.

It was attended by 15 fire engines, five support vehicles, nine specialist vehicles, 98 firefighters and 10 fire officers.

It was the largest response by the service in the 2017/18 period. After an investigation it was found the fire was caused by overheating.

Details of the blaze are included in an annual report going before the West Yorkshire Fire Authority on Friday. It details all the fires in West Yorkshire that were attended by six pumps and above.

Last year there were 20 such incidents, a drop from 34 the previous year. Ten of the 20 fires involved more than 10 pumps.

Two fires at Simba Smoby Toys on Hall Lane, Bradford, last summer led to major responses - a blaze on July 3 2017 was attended by 10 engines and 60 firefighters and another on August 5 was attended by 15 engines and 86 firefighters. The cause of both fires remain unknown.

A fire at Autocare Tyre Centre in Barkerend on June 20, which was started accidentally, was attended by six pumps and 49 officers.

A fire at a house on Skipton Road, Keighley in December was attended to by 30 firefighters in six engines. The cause was deemed to be a cooking mishap.

And a fire at Mangla Motors on Edward Street on September 6, the cause of which is still unknown, was attended by 54 officers and six pumps.