Telegraph & Argus, Saturday, June 15, 1968:

Five students had been suspended from Bradford University Union until July 31 after jeering and shouting down Conservative MP Mr. Duncan Sandys, whilst he tried to address a meeting. His first attempt to enter the lecture theatre wasn’t very successful either, after a group of students had pressed up against him, blocking him from entering the conference. Giving a stern warning to the students Vice-chancellor, Dr. E. G. Edwards, said he would act against them if they continued to make trouble. Trying to make himself heard above the row Mr. Sandys waving a portable loud speaker, told his followers he would move outside. By this point the crowd had grown to about 300 and even with the aid of his loud speaker, he could still hardly make himself heard. With an ever-growing hostile crowd Mr. Sandys, decided to give up his speech, get in his car, and leave.