A LORRY fire on the M62 is causing long delays stretching back into the Bradford district.

Emergency services were called to the blazing vehicle between Junction 22 and Junction 23 heading westbound at around 9.30am, and are still on the scene damping down the charred remains of the lorry.

All lanes had to be stopped for around an hour while firefighters dealt with the blaze, before one lane was opened at 10.30am.

Queues were then compounded by the fact a car broke down in the outside lane close to the incident

Currently just one lane is closed, and the incident is expected to be cleared before 1pm.

Traffic is currently backed up all the way to Junction 26 for Chain Bar, but is beginning to more a bit more freely, with normal traffic conditions expected to resume by around 2.30pm, with motorists warned to expect an hour of delays.