The Telegraph & Argus celebrates it 150th anniversary this year and in honour of the occasion we are printing a story from our archives every day for 150 days.

Today we look at the Telegraph & Argus, Wednesday, June 29, 1977:

According to the headline splashed across the front of the T&A, a group of disgruntled punk rock fans who apparently could not get in to see their favourite bands may have been the culprits for causing damage to the musician’s vans. The vans used by the Damned and the Adverts, had their windows smashed and tyres slashed while the groups were performing at St. George’s Hall, Bradford. After only discovering the £300 worth of damage at around 1am the groups had to make a few last-minute arrangements to stay in Bradford before leaving the next morning for their next concert. Manager, Mr. Mike Roger-Smith, said that the damage was probably caused by fans who could not afford a ticket and had been unable to sneak in any other way.