A MAN who assaulted a security guard while on a suspended sentence has been handed a three month curfew.

Mohammed Khaliq, 23, of Broomfield Road, Keighley, assaulted a guard at Airedale Shopping Centre in Keighley, pictured, in January.

Bradford Crown Court heard how Khaliq had been banned from the centre, and after spotting him in the centre, the guard told him to leave.

When Khaliq refused, the guard pushed him twice in the chest, after which Khaliq tried to punch him before wrestling him to the ground and trying to punch him in the face repeatedly.

Khaliq was dragged off the guard by two other men, after which police were called and he was arrested.

He was appearing in court after being found guilty of assault during a trial at Bradford and Keighley Magistrates Court.

Khaliq has 13 previous convictions for 17 offences, including a number of violent offences, and received a suspended nine month prison sentence for dangerous driving last December.

In sentencing, Judge Colin Burn ordered Khaliq to attend an additional 20 days of rehabilitation, and imposed a three-month curfew upon him.

During the curfew, Khaliq must be at his home address between 9pm and 7am everyday, and will be electronically tagged for the duration.

Judge Burn said: "It's difficult for me to get a real flavour of what went on on the day in question.

"I have a duty to give you the benefit of the doubt as a defendant, but how it ended up was clearly unacceptable.

"It was totally unacceptable for you to be on top of him trying to punch him.

"You have got a record for violence and are only adding to your own difficulties. This is not an appropriate way to behave and if you carry on you will find yourself in prison."

The prosecution also attempted to impose a fine of more than £900 on Khaliq to cover the costs of his trial in magistrates court, and also sought compensation for the guard, but Judge Burn decided a fine would not be fair on Khaliq's parents, who are currently supporting him financially as he is unemployed.