A PILE of rubbish has been dumped outside a school in yet another example of how fly tipping is blighting the city.

The waste, which includes a large builder’s bag, paint, cardboard and other items, has been carelessly dumped on Smith Road at the back of Southmere Primary Academy in Great Horton.

It comes just days after piles of rubbish were dumped on Ellar Carr Road, Thackley, and marks the latest in a long line of fly tipping cases which have plagued the Bradford district.

A local resident who asked not to be named said: “We are just fed up of seeing other people’s rubbish up and down the street, especially when its near schools.

“It’s not the first time I’ve reported fly tipping in this area.

“It just makes the place look really untidy and unkempt.

“Cameras would help, but obviously there’s costs to that.”

He said people need to be vigilant and report fly tipping whenever they see it.

Councillor Joanne Dodds (Lab, Great Horton) said: "It's absolutely disgusting. I have a real passion for pride in our area and trying to get people to respect the area.

"The devastation that this does to people, when they see it."

Speaking about the culprits, she added: "They obviously don't care about the area and what they are doing.

"This type of waste, you don't know if there's any health risks, the builder's stuff, all the rubble.

"It's absolutely shocking that people are doing this."

Cllr Dodds added: "I urge people in the community to be vigilant and if they do see anything to report it.

"It's happening more and more. They [those responsible] need to dispose their waste in the correct manner. They should be using the household tips or other means - not just throwing it down on sites next to schools, where you have got children going, what message is that giving to them?

"We try and teach children and young people to respect and look after areas and then they come and see that. It does not send a good message."

She said the Council was due to clear the mess up.

Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Environment, Culture and Sport, Coun Sarah Ferriby, said: “There is never any legitimate excuse for dumping waste illegally and we do all we can to track down those responsible.

“We have issued £400 Fixed Penalty Notices, brought many people before the courts using CCTV evidence and recently we have seized two vehicles used for fly-tipping.”

If people see fly-tipping taking place, they are asked to note down as many details as possible, including vehicle licence plate numbers and inform the Council.

Fly-tipping incidents can be reported be calling the Council 01274 431000.

Alternatively, people can make a report online by visiting the Council's website at www.bradford.gov.uk.