A Bradford-born musician is behind an unofficial World Cup anthem that he hopes will spur England on to glory in Russia later this month.

Myles Bradley, 33, who was born in Bradford, but now lives in Cheshire, has written and recorded his England 2018 World Cup song after hearing that the Football Association would not have an official track for this tournament.

Mr Bradley, a life-long Bradford City supporter, teamed up with his friend Ian Scanlan, and between them they co-wrote England’s Dreaming, recorded the track and created a video too.

He told the Telegraph & Argus: “I heard that there wasn’t going to be an official FA song this time, so thought we’d do something about it and record one of our own.

“Everytime we’ve had a good England song, we’ve done well. Let’s hope the nation can get behind this song - and we can go on and win it!”

The track has already had more than 14,000 views online and has been shared by local football clubs too.

“We’re absolutely delighted with it and the attention it has been getting is superb.”

He added that they had sent the song to The Lightning Seeds, who were behind the Three Lions anthem for the European Championships in 1996.

“The Lightning Seeds are one of my favourite bands, so we sent the song to them,” said the married father-of-two.

“They got back in touch and said the song was great, which made my day.

“New Order’s World in Motion and The Lightning Seeds’ Three Lions - nothing can compare to those songs, but we just wanted to bring a song out for a bit of fun and hopefully get the country behind it.”

Mr Bradley, who works for a wallpaper manufacturer in Cheshire, can be found playing local pubs with Mr Scanlan at the weekends as band Myanni.

Between them they roped in a friend and Mr Bradley’s sons Will and Jack to film the video at local football club Winsford United’s ground.

Mr Scanlan, who runs his own media company, filmed and edited the video and Mr Bradley can be seen playing his guitar.

The song includes lyrics such as: Come on England, England away; We won’t let anyone get in our way; We’ve got the cross of St George; We’ve won the World Cup before; And we’ll remember the old glory days.

“It doesn’t matter what team colour you are, I hope everybody can get behind it and get a good feel for the World Cup,” added Mr Bradley, who still has family in the Bowling and Clayton areas of Bradford.