BRADFORD-based supermarket Morrisons says it is aiming to keep fuel prices low amid worries about record-breaking price rises for the month of May.

New data from RAC Fuel Watch has shown the price of petrol had its worst monthly rise for 18 years in May.

The big four supermarkets – Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons – raised petrol and diesel by 5.49p and 5.88p a litre respectively.

But a spokesperson for Morrisons said: “We always aim to keep prices as low as we can for our customers – and we maintain our prices below the UK average.”

Petrol and diesel prices have gone up every day since April 22, have caused financial worries for a number of Bradford companies where fuel is integral to day-to-day business, such as cab firms and haulage companies.

Girlington All Over, the largest private hire operator in Bradford, is one such business.

A spokesperson said: “It’s affecting everybody really.

“A lot are switching to hybrids now when they get new cars, especially with the surcharge on diesel.”

Diesel prices saw an even greater increase than petrol for May at a rise of 6.12p per litre – compared to 6p.

This was the second worse rise since the start of 2000 and the price for a tank of diesel for an average family car now stands at £3.37 more expensive after May – at £72.81 in total.

At current rates, over a year that is an extra cost of £136.28 for anyone driving a diesel vehicle. That lost money could buy you, at current prices, another one and three quarters of a month’s worth of fuel.


RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “May was a hellish month for motorists. Sadly, they have been besieged by pump price rises for three months with nearly 9p a litre being added to petrol since the beginning of March.”

The price of oil passed the 80 dollar a barrel mark (£60) two times in May and this combined with a weaker pound created bleak circumstances for regular travellers, said Mr Williams.

He added that it was difficult for people to avoid the pinch of rising prices as, for many, there was little alternative to the car for the majority of journeys.

Motorway service stations saw the biggest rises with 6.37p added to unleaded and 6.69p to diesel which nearly took it over the 150p mark in total.

But the Morrisons spokesperson said: “If oil prices drop, we will aim to pass fuel price drops on to our customers as quickly as we can.”