WORKING in IT often means being on a complex mission against the clock.

So if you are intent on making this a satisfying career for you, how do you make every new task a challenge rather than a hair-pulling stress-inducer?

Well, the first thing to do is recognise IT is by its fast-paced nature a deadline-based industry. There’s always something you have to do right now.

Once you get into this rhythm of working, however, you can maximise our top tips to turn the frantic sprint into a fun run.

When you set yourself goals, also promise yourself rewards for achieving them. You work hard, but if you can’t treat yourself for it what’s the point? They don’t have to be big bonuses. When you’ve finished updating a system’s software, give yourself a chocolate biscuit!

In IT you can often find yourself working alone, so why not spice up the workplace? Motivational music, for example, can make a huge change to your attitude, taking you from stressed-out to calm and in control. So thump out that line of code to a toe-tapper.

If you have a set workspace, like a desk or office, make sure you keep it neat and tidy. If you’re a software engineer with your papers from different jobs and empty coffee cups piling up, you’re going to be stressed (and highly caffeinated) when looking for the right client’s information. Maintaining order on your desk will maintain order in your head.

Sure, there’s loads to be done but some can wait a little bit. Not all IT issues are of red alert importance. Web developers can’t start to modify a website before there’s a basic code and design behind it. Making a clear plan of what needs to be done and when makes more sense than trying to do every job the moment it hits your inbox.

Scientific studies have shown working without breaks causes us to lose focus and decreases productivity. It’s important and healthy to take breaks so you don't burn out. Taking time out not only improves efficiency but also improves your focus. You may come back from a break with a brilliant solution to an urgent malware problem.