A HAWORTH resident has criticised the appearance of a new lamppost recently put up next to Haworth War Memorial.

John Ackroyd argued that the metallic coloured pole bearing the street light is inappropriate at this location at the bottom of Bridgehouse Lane.

The light has been erected outside the entrance to The Bridge, the name of the new commercial and residential development which Skipton Properties is building at the Bridgehouse Mill site.

Mr Ackroyd said: "A street type lamp standard has been erected close by the monument.

"To my mind this pole type structure doesn't look right next to such a sensitive structure, does it?

"Personally, I think lower level lighting placed opposite in the designated area would have been a better option.

"In my view the cenotaph is there for the people of this area to pay their respects to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in two world wars.

"It needs a reasonable amount of space for people to contemplate in.

"They do not want to have to put up with this badly placed and therefore visible intrusion."

A spokesman for Skipton Properties declined to comment this week when contacted by the Keighley News.