SIR - I have seen the list of candidates for the vacant head coach role and I'm not impressed. I would like to see Stuart McCall back at City. He managed to get the team into the play off positions for the last two seasons even though many of the top players jumped ship after last year's loss at the last hurdle. He got them up there again this season even though they had to play without their first team keeper for most of the year. To bring in a new person so late in the season who was unfamiliar with the players' abilities, just because they were going through a bad patch, was bad timing.

It is not as though they were in the relegation zone, they were still in a good position and I think Stuart would've brought them back to winning ways sooner than a stranger.

Simon Grayson was quoted in your paper as saying that the team were not as good as the teams around them in the division. That makes Stuart getting them into the top six even more remarkable.

Patricia Ellis, St Johns Crescent, Fairweather Green,