AN ARCHITECT who designed a pioneering vision for Bradford has died after a short illness.

Will Alsop, 70, was the creative talent behind the city's masterplan - a blueprint from the early noughties described as "inspirational and daring" by city leaders.

His ideas for Bradford were revolutionary and he was often described as a "maverick architect".

Outside of Bradford he is best known for designing the bright green L-shaped Peckham Library.

Mr Alsop's vision for the future was unveiled in October 2003 and set out a masterplan for the city centre's development which would have been completed by 2023.

The project could have seen the city centre split into four parts known as The Bowl, The Channel, The Markets and The Valley, and included early ideas for what is now City Park.

The Bowl was earmarked for the area surrounding City Hall, which later became the Mirror Pool, and a pier type structure was designed to link a lake to the National Science and Media Museum.

The Channel would have seen a canal-side community developed, while The Markets - the area from Queen's Gate to Kirkgate, through the Rawson Quarter to Oastler Market, would have re-developed the shopping areas.

The final piece of the masterplan proposed to create a wetland environment by uncovering Bradford Beck.

Andrew Mallinson, a former Regeneration portfolio holder at Bradford Council, described Mr Alsop as a "visionary" who knew how to attract visitors.

He added: "His designs and concepts were challenging to say the least, but certainly thought provoking and what has been developed has done justice to his vision.

"I remember some of his first designs and there were all sorts of vision, but it made people stand up and notice Bradford and it put the city on the map.

"It helped us have conversations about what was right and wrong, and the most important thing was we could have that conversation locally, nationally and internationally."

Shelagh O’Neill, who was Project Director for City Park project and now leads Bradford Council’s Economy and Development Services, said: “Will Alsop was a visionary architect designing spaces in London, Cardiff and Manchester as well as overseas.

City Park is now a multi-award winning space which has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people since its opening. It shows the value of good quality design for our cities. He leaves a strong legacy not only in Bradford but all across the world."