A DEAF schoolgirl from Bradford has been invited to attend this weekend’s royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Eleven-year-old Shahayna Begum, who is a pupil at Girlington Primary School, received the invitation from Windsor Castle to attend the wedding on Saturday.

She will be joined at the service by lead teacher for the deaf Claire Hussain, and head teacher Kathryn Swales, after being nominated as a worthy guest by school governor Tina Butler.

Shahayna, who is profoundly deaf, and her teachers will set off to the event at 5am on Saturday before attending the service at St George’s Chapel alongside 1,200 other members of the public who have been invited.

Tina Butler nominated Shahayna for the honour after she won a Children of Courage award for her participation in sports activities, in particular the disability sport boccia.

She was also highly commended for the children’s disability sport charity Panathlon’s West Yorkshire Outstanding Achievement award last summer, which recognised her leadership and determination when participating in Panathlon competitions, and also for being a sporting role model for her peers.

Teacher Claire Hussain said: “I am very proud of everything she has done, and was very proud when she won the award.

“It’s just recognition from wider society that of all the people that could have been chosen, she has been chosen as a deaf child and a representative of Girlington Primary School.

“We are all very excited and very proud. I’m not looking forward to the 4am start to get our 5am train!

“Shahayna has been looking at photos of Prince Harry and Meghan because I don’t think she really knew who they were beforehand, so I think she is going to be a bit in awe of them.


“She probably won’t know who all the famous faces are so we’ll be pointing them out to her as well.

“This week is going to be tough for Shahayna and all the pupils with it being SATs week, so it will be a lovely way to end the week.”

Prince Harry and American actress Meghan will tie the knot on Saturday after getting engaged in November last year.

Shahayna and the other invited guests will be at the chapel for 9am, where they will be able to greet guests, members of the Royal family, and the bride and groom as they arrive for the ceremony.

A statement from Prince Harry’s communications secretary said: “The couple are very pleased that their wedding has provided a platform to celebrate the inspiring work of community and youth leaders from around the UK.”