BRADFORD-based supermarket Morrisons has created its own version of the Royal Wedding cake ahead of the big day later this month.

The limited edition cake is baked fresh in-store, and will be available at all stores until Sunday, May 20.

And the 'Royal couple' turned heads by popping into a Morrisons store to pick up a cake ahead of their wedding at Windsor Chapel on Saturday, May 19, with lookalikes Rhys Whittock and Danielle Bourne visiting a store to see the creation.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding cake is being made by London chef Claire Ptak and will be flavoured with lemon, elderflower and flowers and is expected to cost thousands of pounds.

Morrisons' offering will cost just £7, and features the same three ingredients. It will be made with three layers of sponge, lemon curd and whipped cream flavoured with elderflower.

The cake will be decorated with white chocolate curls and topped with a sprinkling of pink rose petals.

Dale Lindley, head cake designer at Morrisons, said: "Customers who weren’t lucky enough to get an invite but want to take part in the celebrations, will still be able to enjoy a cake fit for a prince and princess.”