ONE in three landlords in Yorkshire are considering selling their rental properties due to problem tenants, a new survey has claimed.

The research, by the online letting agent MakeUrMove, cited unpaid rent and damage running into thousands of pounds as the main problems.

It added that nearly half of landlords, 48 per cent, had encountered tenants who did not pay their rent on time, with 20 per cent left with large bills when tenants had left properties in a state of damage and disrepair.

Other issues included tenants refusing to leave at the end of their tenancy and extra people living in properties who were not named on the tenancy agreement.

MakeUrMove’s Alexandra Morris said: “54 percent of landlords in Yorkshire are ‘casual’ landlords, meaning they only have one property and rent it to supplement their income. Stress and financial pressures caused by challenging tenants is a sure fire way to steer them away from further investment.”