SIR - I thought the car parking consultation was to find more places where cars can be parked in Ilkley. So how does it help to paint yellow lines, introduce more parking charges, raise existing charges and shorten parking limits?

Ilkley needs many more visitors to keep our shops and catering establishments going so surely we need more parking, not restrictions!

Is there a feasibility and cost study going on, looking at the three or four areas which may be suitable for more parking spaces?

Making The Grove one-way will not be practical as traffic would speed up and also put even more strain on Skipton and Leeds Roads as people wouldn’t be able to take the alternative route through and into Ilkley. If cars were parked correctly on the Grove it would help.

An alternative would be to make The Grove carriageway one car width wider, still leaving a very wide pavement.

I wonder how much the consultation process is costing us? There seems to be little positive outcome.

There is a suggestion parking charges for Ilkley Lido could impact on Denton Road – so yet another consultation will take place.

Malcolm Atkinson, Middleton Road, Ilkley