SHIPLEY could have its own town council in the next few years if a local campaign group is successful.

The Campaign for Shipley Town Council was formed earlier this year by a number of local campaigners, with the aim of giving the town a greater "voice."

The group has now officially launched the campaign, and is trying to collect enough support in the town to make it a reality.

The council would also include Saltaire, and even if it was set up, Bradford Council would still be responsible for services like bin collections and highway repairs.

However Rob Martin, who set up the campaign, believes a town council would be the best way of making sure the people of Shipley could keep vital services in the face of central government cuts.

Neighbouring town Bingley recently gained a town council, which held its first meeting in 2016, and Baildon has had a town council for several years.

On Saturday the group had a drop in session in Shipley Library where members of the public could ask questions including what the council's powers would be, what area it would cover and how they could get involved.

The town council would be funded by a precept added to each household's council tax bill - estimated to be around £15 for a Band D property.

The councillors would not be paid, and the council would likely only have one paid member of staff - a part time clerk

After the drop in Mr Martin, also of the Saltaire Steering Group, said: "It has been very positive. We got a few people to sign the petition, but the main thing we are after at the moment is people to help with the campaign.

"In the next few months we're planning on holing meetings and public sessions in a few other places to raise awareness of the campaign."

The campaign would need to get at least 7.5 per cent of the town's electoral roll to express support for a town council before it could go ahead, and Bradford Council would have the final say if it were to progress.

Mr Martin said issues like public toilets, which were recently closed by Bradford Council, were among the things people raised at the session.

Shipley MP Philip Davies told the Telegraph & Argus: "This is a job for the people to decide. I'd like to see Bradford Council hold a referendum into this to find out what the people want. Everyone in the town would have to pay the precept, so it is only right that everyone has their say."

He said a referendum could be held at the same time as a local council election to cut down on costs.

He said there were pros and cons of a town like Shipley setting up a town council.

Mr Davies added: "One of the advantages is that you can have a dedicated group of people with resources who are able to do things that need to be done in a local area, and who feel passionately about that area. It could be good to see the people of Shipley take matters into their own hands and do important things in their local community.

"A disadvantage is that it would give Bradford Council a further excuse to not do things they should be doing in Shipley, and that local residents could be paying tax to the town council to do things Bradford Council should be doing."

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