FORMER Queensbury independent Councillor Paul Cromie has said he "orchestrated a loss" after being ousted from his seat in yesterday's election.

Mr Cromie, who has been a Councillor for more than a decade, lost his seat to Robert Hargreaves of the Conservatives, and finished third behind Labour's Alex Mitchell.

Following the defeat, Mr Cromie said he now plans to enter "total and complete retirement" after years serving the people of Queensbury.

Asked how he was feeling after the loss, Mr Cromie said: "I did it on purpose.

"I didn't do any leafleting or canvassing or anything.

"I had intended to retire anyway, and I told people I was retiring, and they said to me, please don't, so to keep them happy I decided to hand my nomination in anyway.

"I'm exceedingly happy and have no bitterness at all, I orchestrated a loss and now plan to enter total and complete retirement and focus on my two biggest passions, fishing and folk music.

"Last June I qualified for the state pension and made my mind up then I was going to retire but I didn't want to let people down."

Mr Cromie, a former builder, started his council career representing the British National Party before becoming a Queensbury Ward Independent, and is also a former builder.

His wife, Lynda Cromie, is still a serving Councillor in the Queensbury ward.