The mother of a young Neuroblastoma survivor is hoping for continued positive news now her daughter is officially in remission.

Imogen O’Driscoll, of Clayton, has spoken of how daughter Evie Bergan, who turns two on May 11, beat the nerve-attacking cancer in November last year and the relief of being given the all clear on her most recent three-monthly check-up in March.

The youngster, who has an identical twin called Ella, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma after a routine appointment just after her first birthday. Doctors found that Evie had tumours in her liver, kidney and the tissues surrounding her kidney. Neuroblastoma is an aggressive cancer that affects only around 100 UK children each year, according to the NHS.

Ms O’Driscoll, 24, described the families’ emotions on hearing the initial diagnosis.

“We had never felt a feeling like it – it felt like my heart had been ripped out and I was completely empty.”

After Evie’s diagnosis, tests showed that her twin Ella did not have the life-threatening disease.

Ms O’Driscoll said it was impossible at that point for the family to split their time evenly between the two and Ms O’Driscoll admits: “Evie got away with so much more.”

Chemotherapy lasted for six months and last November the “happy and smiley” Evie underwent surgery to remove what remained of her two dangerous tumours. The procedure was much more successful than anticipated and the entirety of both tumours were removed – Evie then went into remission.

With Evie being so young, it was often difficult for the family to know how much she understood during the ordeal. But her mother said: “Towards the end, when she saw us packing bags or going into the ward for inpatient chemo, she’d start screaming and trying to get out of our arms.”

The positive upturn continued with the recent arrival of baby sister Lillie. The family are running a Charity Auction Night in support of Solving Kids Cancer on Friday, May 25, 7pm, at Fields Sports and Social Club, Clayton.