SCHOLEMOOR Beacon Community Centre has been successful in securing People’s Postcode Lottery funding to develop a nature trail.

The group has received £9,122 from the PPL to improve the environment in the area by developing a trail on the sport and recreation grounds at Dracup Avenue.

Local children are getting involved in making wood sculptures and volunteers in the community along with Beacon staff and council wardens are helping tidy up, cutting back trees and shrubbery and helping to prepare the planned site.

A film crew from the PPL along with TV presenter Fiona Phillips, went along this week to film for a forthcoming promotion.

Matthew Milnes, community engagement and activities coordinator with the group said: “We are thrilled with the funding. Volunteers have spent some time over winter clearing areas and we are working hard to implement the nature trail.

The organisation is also looking for local people who will benefit from a garden planter or hanging basket. If so, ring the Beacon on 01274 522231.